Huffin’ Post

See the thing about exertion is that your breaking point keeps changing. I began running this week, and I'm already at 1km no sweat. It's really bad, but it's a start. +XP. I honestly can't relate with fellow runners who shove some or the other earpiece into their ears and "pump to the beat" like … Continue reading Huffin’ Post


The Quandary of Good Samaritans

Anne Barber, a 30-something soccer mom from Minneapolis, backed her 2009 Subaru out from the homely garage of her homely home and swung the steering wheel around, pointing the vehicle towards her son's soccer practice venue. He sat in the back with a pair of half-clean headphones in his ears, probably watching an old Maradona … Continue reading The Quandary of Good Samaritans

Setting Fires

Picture this: I'm a eleven year old boy who loves this raucous but also joyous mishmash of all things loud and colorful, of people happy but hyper, of new clothes gaudy and sometimes tardy; I love Diwali. Being 11, like the popular child character (read: well-paid labourer) from Stranger Things, I feel scared to venture … Continue reading Setting Fires