Imagine a world, not of this time but perhaps one from a parallel timeline. Everyone is just like us, although also distinct in certain ways. The humans know no symbolic bubble of humanity except one in which they reside, as individuals. Everyone leads separate lives. Couples stay together for the period of recreation and procreation … Continue reading Utopia


Setting Fires

Picture this: I'm a eleven year old boy who loves this raucous but also joyous mishmash of all things loud and colorful, of people happy but hyper, of new clothes gaudy and sometimes tardy; I love Diwali. Being 11, like the popular child character (read: well-paid labourer) from Stranger Things, I feel scared to venture … Continue reading Setting Fires


The other day I swore I saw Michael Jackson having sex with an adult. Surely the occurrence was something my mind had cooked up, because Michael Jackson wouldn't fornicate with people older than 16. I'm running out of things to write (jk) and no, I'm not deleting this blog anytime soon. At this juncture I'm … Continue reading 143

Crippling Loneliness And Other Overused Phrases

No one's cripplingly lonely bois. A truly lonely person exists, however, in all of us. Imagine being trapped inside a huge black hole with no one for company and silence the only background score OST™ as entertainment for your drained brain. And now imagine it all morphing into an unimaginable, unreal, untoward horror which is … Continue reading Crippling Loneliness And Other Overused Phrases