I Killed A Pigeon Today

Well, no. I watched a pigeon die. I was lounging in the terrace (balcony) ensconced within the ephemeral winds of joy when in a moment of sudden jerky camera action, a pigeon fell in front of me with a nice, mushy splat. It was a good looking pigeon. A simple, freckled pigeon that I always … Continue reading I Killed A Pigeon Today


Crippling Loneliness And Other Overused Phrases

No one's cripplingly lonely bois. A truly lonely person exists, however, in all of us. Imagine being trapped inside a huge black hole with no one for company and silence the only background score OST™ as entertainment for your drained brain. And now imagine it all morphing into an unimaginable, unreal, untoward horror which is … Continue reading Crippling Loneliness And Other Overused Phrases