Cray’s Anatomy

Accurate except for one word

Edited the title to eradicate misconceptions.

The other day I swore I saw Michael Jackson having sex with an adult. Surely the occurrence was something my mind had cooked up, because Michael Jackson wouldn’t fornicate with people older than 16.
I’m running out of things to write (jk) and no, I’m not deleting this blog anytime soon. At this juncture I’m toying with the deleterious scenario that is a settled-down me with a set of twins running around in pink/blue baby clothes. I say deleterious because it’s all a sham lmao

True love has been, and will be, a scarce rarity, maybe even a grossly misinterpreted piece of fiction. People are “rooted” in love it seems. Not really. I’m no hypocrite, and I can safely state that I stand by this statement (2 states, get it?) since I’ve seen this shit firsthand. Fall in love, make babies, give in to the fact that this is real. Most people realize that they weren’t actually in love at a later stage in their marriage, and opt out of it while they can.

Love marriage is actually that arrange marriage wherein the arrangement is that both parties have started liking each other. Makes no sense, but neither does killing yourself as a couple when your families are against your extreme affection for each other.


“I love you”, they say on a regular basis. “You’re just a convenient affection-bouncer and mental partner”, they mean. But isn’t that love? Hahaha no. That’s only in fictitious media.

I may be wrong, in fact (I’m inebriated atm), and true love might be out here in camouflage, sitting calmly in the guise of a particulary witty woman or a beautiful song or a wonderful game.

Why not call it what it is i.e. a convenient progeny partnership and give it a fantastical name? XD tho because not all couples can bear a child.


This is just another shitty rant but so are all of them so the joke’s on you hahahahah 😦
Nietzsche was right. Sab saale chutiye hain. Stare into the abyss long enough and the abyss will call you madarchod and report your existence. Ciao.


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