Crippling Loneliness And Other Overused Phrases

No one’s cripplingly lonely bois. A truly lonely person exists, however, in all of us. Imagine being trapped inside a huge black hole with no one for company and silence the only background score OST™ as entertainment for your drained brain. And now imagine it all morphing into an unimaginable, unreal, untoward horror which is your ex’s asshole [an asshole’s asshole, yep] and your miniaturized body is trapped on the tip of anal hair, just waiting out the intervals between dankkk farts. That’s loneliness. I’d have gone for a loner-in-the-desert story but that’s too mainstream. And I’m too much of an iconoclast. I am also lonely; I have like, 3 friends in real life. Everyone else is just someone that I know well. Burp.

In other headlines, I have reduced my usage of Twitter (shocker) and have started experimenting with the various other forms of social media. I did a stint on tumblr back in the day, then I moved to Facebook top comments, then to YouTube, then to Twitter. Bloody marvellous journey, eh mate. In five years I will have deleted my Twitter account wholly. RIP bad jokes. Spending all this time online has made me realize something though: you can never, never  have enough of it.

Also, my friend had visited the Ariana Grande concert. Messaged me in the middle of it saying “we’re having a blast”, the wanker. Blocked him immediately. At this point I don’t need trivial updates from close acquaintances. Haven’t heard from him since.



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