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So yeah, I’ve been busy with making excuses about how I’m busy while attempting to be not busy all the while. Exhausting shit. Macron won the election. Good man, although I’m not sure whether he’s the right choice for president. No one’s reading this and no one cares but I’m still writing it. Because freedom of speech and imperfect analogies.

I have exams soon [who really doesn’t?] and I’ll possibly ace them, but I don’t want to. I’ve written about this in the past and I’m further upholding my belief that all curriculum-based educational systems are, with a rare exception(s), flawed at their core. They do not allow for the margin of error that is creativity to push in the boundaries of their strict policies, their unshakable faith in rule-based learning. And what a filthy type of learning that is. I’d rather spend time on the net and learn new things and get certified for those activities than be subjected to an array of rather monotonous subjects [oh shit wordplay] and get the same exact result.

But hey, who cares. Not me. Definitely not me, since I have all marks under control; a past experiment has proved that it is far simpler, than the layman would imagine it to be, to keep your marks in control, to be able to let loose and reign in as needed. All you need to do that is a capable enough cortex and above-average understanding. Which is also great.

I’ve been rereading some classics that I perused as a child, and now I can feel the effect of the dense prose creeping into my writing. Life’s [I also gave up on my hero-centered novel and picked up on a past draft] good. I develop more and more dank memes every now and then, laugh at and delete them because no one should be exposed to such vicious, sadistic humor. May the froth be with your friend who drank poison. When I watched 13 reasons why, I never flinched. Feel free to share this horseshit and be the harbinger of my lynching.

For the time being, leave me 🅱


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