41°C and steamy as fuck

​Sorry if you clicked expecting a hot South Indian belly button fetish video. Been a very long time since I logged on here; surely to the relief of the visitors whose numbers never go beyond the single digit.

Update post using continuous verbs only. Still spouting shit/genius content on twitter, writing very less, gaming a lot, studying somewhat better, upping the ladiesman game [haha get it?], sleeping lesser, working out more, reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on, making very cringeworthy memes, etcetera and so on.

The heat, my friend, is ON. Here at [redacted], the sun – little bastid – seems to have taken an impromptu oath to help people lose fat by way of sweat, and people are slowly losing faith in the concept of sub 20°C temperature.

Even now, as I type this, a moth is hovering here, fooled into thinking there’s a flame nearby lol

Relationship update: another girl has a crush on me but is in for a huge disappoinment since, as I’ve made clear before, I have zero interest in the very concept of immature and impulsive love. This thinking could very well backfire, but I’m up for it because hashtagrebel.

Superb stand-up comedy specials available on Netflix at the moment (time to bring out the extrs email IDs). Good shit.

What now? ’bout to tap some pussy yeahh (the neighbor’s tabby)


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