Guess Who’s Back

Lol obviously it’s me since I’m the sole owner/proprietor/editor/creditor/blah/blah of this site. After spending a good, harrowing week of pseudo-study mainly designed to check a student’s ability to learn shit and not actually comprehend it, I’m back. As I’ve very lucidly said in a previous post, I very strongly believe that the system is fucked. In other news, I wrote a music video script for because my friends want to shoot a video about a girl making a boy falling in love (talk about cliches am I wrong lol). The song is Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, I think. So there’s that. Make a geometry joke? Sure why not. Pythagoras would’ve loved the song, I hate it. Recently finished a superb book by Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451. A shockingly close-to-the-truth reality in a dystopian future, the story is a must read. Others can peruse Savita bhabhi’s adventures as always.

If WikiLeaks’ latest reveals are to be believed, the CIA and/or the NSA have had full surveillance over a tangible amount of e-communication all over the world. Guess who saw you touching yourself while watching Powerpuff Girls lolol.

Keep calm and carrion. Peace. War.


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