Clear History?


It is said that a man is always haunted by his past [most women are a bunch of lucky bitches, sometimes with short term memory loss]. Similar is the case with Twitter. When you’re a newbie to the game, you inadvertently tweet some shit which later amounts to a palpable skeleton in your closet. A rather significant number of cunty tweets are dangerous to your reputation [reputation -> lul]. Also comes with this the problem of your identity: in all probability, it’s possible that a tweet containing media/links can point to your real identity.

Pro tip: Use Twitter’s advanced search for this purpose. Enter these search queries for required results and take care to observe where “-” has and has not been used.



  • from:@UserName filter:links
    • This returns all your tweets containing links (any bloglink/weblink) and tweets containing images (Twitter converts pictures to links, e.g.
  • from:@UserName -filter:mentions
    • This returns all your mostly original tweets (including media tweets, but excluding retweets and mentions)
  • from:@UserName -filter:retweets
    • This returns your entire timeline: all tweets except retweets (replies will also be returned)

These searches are very effective (can confirm) for people with a individually-deletable number of tweets. Like, 50.

What when you’ve to reset to your whole timeline proper? I recently cleared my account of all the shit tweets I’ve done. A simple software by this guy, it turns out, is sufficient. A procedure is provided on the author’s site, but I’ll try and simplify it. Here’s how you go about deleting your tweets in bulk:

  • Have a Twitter account lel
  • Request your archive, and download it [note the path]


    Don’t click on this lmao

  • Download this. The portable version works very well.
  • When prompted, login and get a PIN access code (kind of an OTP)
  • Locate your index file (also when prompted) and click on it to point the software to it.

Typical archive file

  • A huge timeline in reverse chronological order with all your tweets (including retweets and replies) will appear, categorized by month.
  • If you have a fuckton of useless tweets (including retweets and replies) to delete, select all subheadings – a month is a subheading – and deselect the ones you want to keep.
  • Keep in mind that your tweets will be visible in your archive
  • Click delete and watch a full chunk of your virtual life melt away
  • Get a life

Thanks for reading. Cunt.



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