Aptitude Exams From An Average Student’s Perspective

Lookin’ good, babe

[clarification: this isn’t my perspective; I’m way above average]
Giving exams has always been fun, even if the level of fun has always varied with what topic the exam centers around. For the record, fully theoretical subjects are a universal sux. I’ve always watched my peers’ body language while attempting these kind of exams [multiple choice online tests] and decided to write about it, adding my own nonce nuances. Mostly because I’m fucking bored again. Here’s what goes through their minds:

  • Oh I’ve logged in. Fuck my life already.
  • Quants? Lmao sorry, this requires me to randomly click options
  • Someone’s watching me, I’ve got to pretend to be solving something
  • Damnit I don’t know the formulae, better if I just submit
  • Verbal section? Lololol fast forward pls oh fuck 
  • Logical/analytical skills. Why not call it logical anal skills hehehe am I right 
  • Goddamnit kill me already. Am I sweating? Holy shit, 5 minutes remaining.
  • I’m going to fail, time to buy a sturdy rope
  • Holy wh- time up??!? Shit, someone’s coming.
  • “Haha, it was good, yes the quants were harder than usual. Right? RIGHT?”

I really need a job, to be honest. Even an impromptu rimjob from a specially-abled midget will suffice at this point.


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