The Weakend

A lot of shit has been happening this week. I became more adept at winning pissing contests; literal as well as figurative. Also became a professional at switching from taciturn mode to garrulous mode and vice versa. Job opportunities are getting closer by the day, although it is a distinct matter for every guy in my class. People are falling over each other to get a shot at a job. I’m rather calm about it, since I follow a very pedestrian principle: eh, fuck it

I got hold of another catfish account [for the layman: a catfish is a guy pretending to be a girl] but I let the guy walk; not out of sympathy. In fact, it was empathy. I know the amount of effort it takes to handle such an account.

My weekends are quite lazy, to be honest. I spend a good chunk of the time stalking people, checking who’s stalking me, tweeting some shit that is stupid and/or extraordinarily clever, writing, reading, and watching a minimum four episodes of a good T.V. series. On that note, watch Tom Hardy’s Taboo. 

Another tip: when you think of something to do when you’re bored but you can’t get around to doing it, remember to make a note of it so that you can look at it in your free time, i.e. the weekend. Example: you have to check out the new porn category? Make a note. Your subconscious is sometimes weakened and hence, the note helps.

Cheers. Screw you.


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