[rant] The System

as you know it, is fuckall. Every minuscule aspect of this system is designed to (forcibly) make you a part of it, to be drawn into the hungry, open maw of controlled society.

The university I study in at the moment is possibly one of the very worst pieces of shit ever. The benevolent nature towards students is the shitty facade they’re trying to maintain, but I can clearly see through. It’s all a fucking sham.

And that’s not the only shit I’ll have managed to get through. Soon there’ll be scores of students lining up for jobs and the companies will rake them in like some worthless throwaway crap and then sift through them as per the guidelines. What about the guy who managed to create an app on his own but had to sit out because of a lesser percentage he received due to hasty paper-checking? What about the girl who has mediocre marks but possesses the grasping power twice that of her peers? Nope. These guys get a dry look and an unspoken “piss off, mate”. And all this doesn’t even take into consideration the piss-poor caste filter that has driven its roots deep into the system and now lies there with no intentions of ever moving, inspite of the numerous attempts at eradicate it.

Who controls all this shit anyway? That’s right. The upper echelon. The superpowered cunts who wish to build their dreams on top of the nightmares of the denizen of “civilized society”. Free speech is a joke. You cannot call someone something derogatory and get away with a genuine explanation of how  it was your perception of them. Nope. You’re at fault then. Many people give in and dry up under this ever-ready-to-suck-out-your-joy system. I don’t. I won’t. And although one cannot blame it solely for any and all hardships one will face as they get along with their lives, the system, as it is now, and will probably be for years to come, is flawed.

Fuck them. Fuck the system.


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