Parks And Morbid Recreation

This looks kind of like my vantage point

I don’t normally go for walks, but when I do, I write about it. (I had something better for this, but cannot recall at the moment) Today’s parks are nothing really, just a bunch of trees with a play area, maybe a bunch of bushes with semen residue, a dead dog somewhere, and very shitty lighting. I went to a similar park today in the early hours of the morning, hoping to catch some nightcrawlers in action. I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing you notice in the dark is the eerie atmosphere, followed by the sheer stupidity of it. Nothing is eerie about a guy trying to get in in some girl’s pants, and succeeding at it. I think these guys have a timetable or something. “You take her on Monday, he’ll take his chance on Thursday.” “What about you?” “I’m her brother.” Can’t really corroborate my theory, but I reckon the park insects enjoy the incest, as is implied by their incessant buzzing.
Another common occurrence is the beggar crowd, whose presence is also prevalent in the wee hours. Normally harmless in the daytime, these guys were trying to put their dicks into each other’s dickholes. [That’s harmless too, technically] Which was clearly illogical, given the shaft diameters, but they seemed to be enjoying it; a very bizarre category of cum-ah-sutra.

And that’s not even the best part. Ever seen a guy trying to make love to a corpse?



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